23 Aug '07-20:32

DragonFear is a role playing game for the Nokia n800 and 770 Internet tablets. It's similar in style to The Bard's Tale from the 80's.

Currently it's still under heavy development. An ALPHA version that shows the direction the project is going is now available for download. I am not providing an .install file because if you can't handle package management, you don't need to try this version.

There is no player death in this ALPHA version, and no magic spells or magical items you can use. Only some of the most basic combat features work. Game navigation is nearing completion, and I'll be turning more of my attention to the combat system.

Be advised, if you try the ALPHA version out and later go to install a completely working version, you may need to manually remove some of the media files that you have allowed the game to download. This ALPHA is not for the non-technical crowd, so if it breaks or it breaks your Nokia, don't come whining to me ;-)

Here's the current development screenshots:

Features that work so far:

Kinetic scrolling selector for user input (adapted from Kagu)
3D map view and navigation using the hardware direction pad
wall collisions
day / night / dungeon settings
map saving / loading
map triggered scripts
text feedback scroll
light effects (distance)
basic combat features (no magic yet)

Features still need to complete:
Magic combat
Use of items
character encounters (NPC's)
map editor