21 Jul '07-20:59

Here's the latest version of my TMPack component package set for Lazarus.

I've compiled this with Lazarus 0.9.22 and it installs just fine. I have not however tested every component in the package under the latest FPC + Lazarus, but feel free to let me know if there are issues. (tony (at) maro.net)

Components included:

TESDSound: Simple component for playing wav files using the ESD "sound daemon" for Gnome.
THoverButton: A TButton descendant that looks flat until you hover over it.
THTMLHelp: Allows you to write HTML help files and auto launch them in the user's web browser
TMRUList: Adds a MRU List to the file menu of your application
TPieChart: Generate quick and easy colored pie charts
TMScrLabel: A Scrolling text component. May not work with the current FPC, haven't tested.
TTilePanel: Allows you to set a background image and have it tile to fill the full size of this panel
TTimeGraph: Another nice graphing component that graphs things over time - converted from a freeware app
TXMLTreeView: A great tool for showing an XML file in a tree view
TXMLNodeLink: Useful with the TXMLTreeView for automatically displaying nodes
TXMLText: Useful with the TXMLTreeView for automatically displaying text nodes
TXMLComboBox: USeful with the TXMLTreeView for automatically displaying drop-downs
THotLabel: A TLabel descendant that works like an HTML hotlink
TAppSettings: Allows you to save user settings in an XML file. May be outdated with the latest FPC + Lazarus
TMCalculator: Creates a quick and easy pop-up calculator

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